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Implement JavaSound alternative for audio_input and audio_output

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Because several problems exist with the natives audio_input and audio_output, and also because they make the packaging and building harder, I propose the following to be implemented:

  • Add an alternative to the NativeOutputBridge using the Java Sound System.
  • Make it the default, although it should be configurable via system property.
  • If there is a problem opening the audio (like no available sound card) the system should fall back to DummyOutputBridge.
  • Do the same for the audio input.


  • Fewer native processes, less probability of system specific bugs.
  • Still possible to use the native processes.


  • On linux uses OSS. Should be launched through a wrapper such as "aoss". Not sure how this can be achieved from an applet.

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  • It is great the we have this way to be a bit less native-dependent.
  • Unfortunately this implementation gives some kind of problems on some machines and in these caases it is worse that with native as we have no timelines at all, no just sound
  • The JavaDoc was not according to our "convention" :(
  • Commited in [8118]

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