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"Insert RTF.." is very slow and throws an exception.

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  1. Try to insert a RTF frame with a large resource (for example, the attached file).
  2. Notice that the importing is very slow.
  3. After some time, an exception is thrown.


As We May Think.rtf (69.3 KB) - added by kyli 11 years ago.
exception.txt (320.6 KB) - added by kyli 11 years ago.

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  • The slow part is because the text is parsed into lots of elements, each of them forms a HotText, then the texts are merged. Appending a hot text to another one is a relatively slow operation, so for big texts it becomes an issue. What we can make here is to accumulate the texts in a StringBuilder and then make the text at once. Unfortunately, applying a style is also slow, but applying one by one cannot be avoided. However, this operation will become visibly faster.
  • The exception occurs because the TextAlign is not hashable. It is generally not a problem, but trying ti hash a text with this attribute will fail. So, for this concrete file, the exception is normal. It is enough to implement Hashable and override the only one method there - the hash of the align can be constructed by its name and its class.
  • In order to test the rtf insert, I found out that with moving the rtf functionality, some extensions are lost - the rtf menu item and the import manager. They will be registered again in the text module.


The code is committed in branches/private/kyli/2156/.

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Merged with the trunk at [8071]... Copy paste of RTF does not keep the styles, but it is not from your code...

And write your name in the fields


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