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templates-not-saved -- Book templates do not appear after restart of Sophie

Reported by: deyan Owned by: meddle
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Create a book, save it as a template, restart Sophie, the template is gone.


2246.patch (1.5 KB) - added by meddle 10 years ago.
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Works for me... 4p

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In the FileMenuLogic#ON_SAVE_BOOK_AS_TEMPLATE somebody forgot that the String objects are immutable while constructing the file name to save and the book_templates directory is not added before the file name...So the file is saved directly in "distrib" but when loading the book templates the app searches in the "distrib/book_templates" folder for templates...

Funny :)

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  • Commited in [8578]
  • Works but first there is some quite unpleasant problem when you close the book that was saved as template and then try to make a new book from that template. This throws and exception related to MasterAccesses. This will be reported as some tickets.
  • There is a bit unpleasant behavior with windows where on saving a book created from a template the dialog offers to save it in the book_templates direcotry.

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