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stickies-throw-an-exception-on-copy-paste - When trying to copy something from sticky or paste something in it, exception is thrown.

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  • Create sticky.
  • Write some text in it.
  • Copy text from the sticky or try to paste something in the sticky.
  • Exception is thrown.

The proper behavior is to copy/paste text and nothing to happen when trying to paste resource different from text.


copy-paste-text-in-stickies.patch (9.8 KB) - added by deni 11 years ago.

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comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by deni

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  • Copy/paste text in stickies:
    • TextFrameLogic's ON_COPY, ON_CUT and ON_PASTE operations:
      • Generally they are responsible for converting SophieDragDropHandler.TransferEventIds.COPY events related to text to TextView.EventIds.COPY events.
      • They should do it for all TextElements, not only TextFrameViews.
        • Since TextElement is an interface and does not extends ElementView, we cannot make such a call: AppHaloUtil.getSingleSelected(source, TextElement.class).
        • Therefore we should get the single selected ElementView and manually check whether it is TextElement.
    • Move the above operations in HotTextLogic, since they are no longer so closely related to TextFrameViews.
    • Rename them to avoid naming conflicts and to emphasize that they are related to cut/copy/paste from the menu.
    • Pasting styled text from text frames to stickies will keep the formatting... This is not very consistent, because when typing text in stickies the users don't have the controls to format their text, but I'm leaving it this way.
  • Paste other resources:
    • Currently if you have copied an image frame, for example, and you are typing in a text frame, Ctrl+V will paste the image frame in the current group or page. The expected behavior is that nothing happens.
    • In the ON_PASTE operation if the selected view is a TextElement, return that the event was handled, no matter whether some text was actually inserted or not.

Changed 11 years ago by deni

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by meddle

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  • Design_reviewers set to meddle
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In the trunk since [8496]...

The names of the handlers are a bit strange, because ctrl+C is also handled by them, but I can not think of better ones myself...

And why the hell the analysis is 5, five is something god-like

comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by meddle

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Closing all the tickets before M Y1

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