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media-on-windows-makes-sophie-uresponsive - When media is played on windows Sophie stops responding.

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Description (last modified by todor) (diff)

  • Create book.
  • Insert media.
  • Open preview.
  • Try to play the media.
  • Sophie stops responding.

For some files Sophie crashes even before the user try to play the media.


win_media.patch (92.0 KB) - added by stefan 10 years ago.

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We came at conclusion that the problem is in the Windows's small pipe buffers. So, the massive native and ffmpeg's library debug dumping on the native's standard error output causes filling the pipe buffer, and therefor causing both processes to block. The solution is creating a thread that will constantly read the native's stderr, and will keep the pipe buffer clean. The code is as follows:

private static class ErrorDumper extends Thread {
		private final BufferedReader nativeStderr;

		public ErrorDumper(InputStream errorStream) {
			this.nativeStderr = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(errorStream));
		public void run() {
			//The read until exception pattern
			try {
				String line = null; 
				do {
					line = this.nativeStderr.readLine(); 
					SophieLog.info("[native-err] " + line);
				while(line != null);
			} catch (IOException e) {
				SophieLog.error("ErrorDumper terminated", e);
			SophieLog.info("ErrorDumper exiting");


It is important to notice that, this thread is replacement for the old methods dumpError() and dumpErrorDelayed() in the NativeBridge class. This thread class is also located in the NativeBridge class.

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Merged to the trunk at [8574].

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