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resource-change – Add ability to change resources of existing frames

Reported by: deyan Owned by: deni
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Changing a resource should be possible. The behavior should be as you deleted the frame and created a new one (but styling, size, resource should not be changed). If possible, make other options such as controls visibility to be preserved


main-resource-change.patch (17.0 KB) - added by deni 9 years ago.

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  • Add a new operation in ResourceImportLogic - ON_DROP_RESOURCE_OVER_FRAME_CONTENT. If possible, it changes the main resource of the frame to the resource that was dropped.
    • The main idea is to set the following two keys:
      • ResourceFrame.KEY_MAIN_RESOURCE
      • ResourceR4.KEY_KIND (because only image frames can show images, for example, otherwise there will be a lot of problems with the views)
    • The new frame kind can be found using ResourceImportManagers in the following way:
      ResourceImportProvider provider = SimpleResourceImportProvider.getProvider(
      	new ResourceKindMatcher(droppedResKind));
      final String newFrameKind = provider.getImportManager().getFrameKind();
  • In LibraryTabLogic do not handle the event if the book view is in preview mode, just return false. Handling the event in ON_PAGE_TEMPLATE_DND_IMPORT, for example, causes troubles when trying to change the content of an embedded book frame.
  • Remove the StringData from all ResourceDataProviders except HotText. Otherwise when dropping a resource over the content of a text frame, the resource name will be inserted.
  • Make sure that FrameViewLogic.ON_DROP_OVER_PADDING operation handles the event (and changes the background) only if image data was dropped over the padding of a frame.
    • Add a simple check whether the ImmPoint event parameter is outside the frame content.
    • The point parameter is currently wrong because of SceneInteractionLogic.SCENE_DND_OPERATION. In order to convert scene coordinates to the element's space, we should use the inverse matrix of the matrix we obtain by calling SceneHelper.getElementToSceneTransform(Scene, SceneElement)

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It's OK but two things:

  • First use the logic of the keys when getting values from the model. Not frameAccess.open(relRef, null).getRaw(ResourceR4.KEY_KIND);. The right use here is something like ResourceR4.KEY_KIND.get(frameAccess.open(relRef, null));. If in the future the kind become templated key, the first will not take in mind the template.
  • I don't like how big the ResourceImportLogic is getting... You can create for example another logic for the DND imports - DNDResourceImportLogic.
  • You should add the design changes you made about the chained frames.
  • That thing about the StringData, you must give the implementation before the review for hard testing...

comment:8 Changed 9 years ago by deni

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comment:9 Changed 9 years ago by deni

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  • In AppViewUtil.getView(VisualElement, ResourceAccess, Class<T>) ensure that no ClassCastExceptions will be thrown. Instead, when the cached result is not of the required type, return null.
  • Split the ELEMENT_DELETED event into two new events:
    • DELETING_ELEMENT that is fired before actually deleting an element, so that if the views that depend on the item that will be deleted are notified
    • DELETE_ELEMENT - the logics that handle this event will actually delete the element. It is their responsibility to fire DELETING_ELEMENT beforehand.
    • In ON_DROP_RESOURCE_OVER_FRAME_CONTENT before changing the main resource fire DELETING_ELEMENT event with parameter the frame. This will ensure that head frames will be removed from the chain, the timer of browser frames will be stopped and so on.

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Merged to the trunk at [8659].

You left some commented code, some System.outs, you didn't comment on my note about the big resource import logic...
There was an undocumented method... The code was not a implementation phase code for review...


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