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app-ui-consistent-labels - We have mixed capital and small letters in the labels.

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Description (last modified by deyan) (diff)

Now some labels are with capital letters, some are with small and some are with capital and small. We must have one convention for all - they must start with capital letter and continue with lower case. The following list needs to be fixed (I may have missed some).

  • Paragraph HUD
    • Left
    • Right
    • Centered
    • Justified
  • Wrap mode
    • Wrap
    • No wrap
  • Triggers
    • Frame Link HUD
      • Choose trigger
      • On mouse leave
      • On mouse enter
      • On mouse double click
      • On mouse pressed
      • On mouse released
      • On frame shown
      • On frame hidden
    • Page Link HUD
      • On page shown
      • On page hidden
    • Actions
      • Choose action
    • Page Timeline HUD
      • Off
      • Intro
      • Main
      • Outro
    • Save templates dialog - all items must begin with capital etter.
    • Appearance HUD, Background
      • None
      • Solid
      • Gradient
        • Linear
        • Radial
      • Image
      • Pattern

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