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There are several main parts to the Sophie interface:

  • The Workspace: The workspace is a background. Dragging items onto the workspace creates a new Sophie

book. Sophie books appear inside the Sophie workspace. Each book has its own window. A book window has several main parts.


  • Flaps: Flaps are containers for sets of tabs. The size of a flap can be adjusted by dragging its innermost

vertical border toward the center of the workspace.

  • Tabs: Tabs allow for the selection of data sets to be displayed. Data associated with a tab is accessed

through a single click of the tab. Tabs may contain one or more palettes. Tabs present a title that is visible to the user (such as "tools", "books", "pages", etc.).

  • Palettes: Palettes display data sets, such as lists of elements used in Sophie (for example, all movies in a book),

or tools (like the spellchecker). Sophie also supports a flap for managing timelines. Palettes are contained in tabs. Palettes contain information and access to resources. The palettes in a tab are aligned vertically. Each has a title visible to the user (such as "Searching", and "Markers").

  • Halos: Halos are icons that invoke HUDs. Different items in Sophie have different kinds of Halos.
  • HUDs: HUDs are windows that provide information and control for a specific type of object.