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Basic Menus are the Menus included in Menu Bar of the Main Window. These include File, Edit, Insert, Window and Help Menu.


  • The Edit Menu provides functions for manipulating objects in a Sophie.
    • Undo - undoes the last operation.
    • Redo - redoes the last undone operation.
    • Cut - removes the selected text, frame, or timeline event and copies it to the clipboard for later pasting.
    • Copy - copies the selected text, frame, or timeline event to the clipboard for later pasting.
    • Paste - pastes content in the pasteboard into the current insertion point. The current insertion point for text is where the cursor is positioned. Frames are pasted at the same location on the current page. Timeline events are pasted starting at the current playhead position.
    • Spellcheck - looks for the next misspelled word from the current cursor insertion point in text.
    • Copy Location of Selection - copies a reference to text that is currently selected in the Sophie book to the clipboard.
    • Show/Hide Flow Connections - makes flow connections visible or invisible. Different flows are given different colors. Connections between different flows on a page can be dragged back and forth.
    • Show/Hide Rulers - makes Sophie's rulers visible on the current book.


  • The Insert Menu
    • Text Frame – inserts text frame.
    • Image Frame – inserts image frame.
    • Audio Frame – inserts audio frame.
    • Movie Frame – inserts movie frame.
    • Insert from File – inserts frame from a chosen file.
    • Insert from URL – inserts frame from a chosen URL.


  • The Help Menu
    • Help – opens Sophie Help Index.
    • About Sophie – opens the about dialog.