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The Resources Tab contains all media that has been imported into Sophie.

  • It is organized by type (text, images, audio, and video).
  • All of these objects can be dragged from their palettes into a Sophie book.
  • If they are dragged to the workspace, a new Sophie book is started containing just that resource.


  • Resource Palettes
    • Images palette. The images palette contains a list of all images in the current book.
    • Audio palette. The audio palette contains a list of all audio files in the current book.
    • Movies palette. The movies palette contains a list of all movie files in the current book.
    • Text palette. The text palette contains all text files that have been imported to the current book. A text file is added to a book by putting a frame on a page, inserting the cursor in the frame, and dragging the text from the text palette to the cursor position.
    • Meta palette. The meta palette displays metadata about a selected resource.