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The goal of this task is to resolve some issues related with new skins as well as to integrate as much as possible the new look.

Task requirements

  • Changing the skin breaks the layout in not instanced elements and the new skin is not applied. Fix this.
  • In the current state there are some halo's that need to be changed. They use the selected state for normal. This needs to be fixed.
  • The halo buttons (and the buttons on the windows title bar) have buttons background. This is incorrect.
  • Change the appearance of the bottom window panel.
  • Drop shadow for document window.
  • There is no indication which element is selected inside the combo box
  • Customize the tool tips
  • Organize the assets. Provide naming convention and folder structure to work with.
  • Change the appearance of the scroll bar
  • Remove unnecessary validation icons
  • Remove alternate skin

Task result

  • The result must be code

Implementation idea

  • The halo's icons for different states are defined in SkinDefIds. They should be revised.
  • We should add names (in the Java code) for some components in order to define a special style for them. For example we should change the background of halo buttons, open books tabs, etc.


How to demo

  • Open the application
  • Change the skin
  • Walk trough the changed elements


  • Changing the skin:
    • A new AutoProperty will be added in SkinManager. It will extract the current look and feel from the skin and update the application's look and feel. This does not cause the existing elements to update to the new look and feel.
    • A new resource property will be added in BaseSwingVisualElement. It will synchronize the look and feel of the swing component wil the current look and feel.
    • MDMainWindow's skinUpdater() property will need minor refactoring.
  • Wrong halo icons:
    • The halo icons for all states will be revised and the necessary changes will be made in SkinDefIds.
  • Wrong background of halo buttons:
    • We will set a name for all JButtons used for halos and define a special style for them in lookAndFeel.xml
  • Bottom window panel appearance:
    • It will be moved up - in swingFrameSync in BookDocumentWindow it will be added on the top (north) side of the window.
      • The classname BookBottomPanel will no longer be appropriate and therefore the class will be renamed BookViewOptionsPanel.
    • The search and navigation buttons will be given names and separate style will be written for them in the xml file.
  • Unnecessary validation icons:
    • BoundCheckBox, BackgroundDialogField, BoundColorField and BoundGradientField - override the validationVisible() method to create a property with default value false.
    • BoundComboBox - add a new resource property which synchronizes the visibility of the validation icon with the editable property. The validation icon will be visible only if the users can type in the combobox text field.
  • Other things:
    • Color boxes in backgound and border hud - add names to the JPanels in BackgroundDialogField, BoundColorField and BoundGradientField, create special icons for their background and set separate background for these fields in the xml file.
    • RGB value field in color background subhud - the swing component's layout in ColorPicker will be slightly changed so that the RGB value field occupies the whole line (not only half of it) and there is enough space for the validation icon to be shown.
    • Rotation halos - the left and right rotation halos will be swapped, so that the left one should rotates the frame clockwise and the right one - counter-clockwise.
    • The content halo can be hidden behind the title bar - the sort keys of the main halo menu and the text font halo menu will be changed, so that the text font halo button is above the whole main menu.


Done according to the design.
Changeset: [5380]

Merged to the trunk in [5385].


(Place the testing results here.)


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