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Halos currently are static. The halo menus should be rearranged. There should be at least

  • Upper halo menu - inside the frame title bar. See FRAME_POSITION_R1. This halo menu should allow left and right justification of halos (at the same time)
  • Left and right halo menus
  • Inner halo menu - this is for content halos. For example - Text and Paragraph halos should appear inside the text and should be moved above caret after a timeout. Other example is for video frames - the content HUD should appear on click inside the frame over the mouse.
  • Vertical halo menus may be needed too.

Task requirements

  • Implement content halo menu.
  • Implement halo aligning (left and right at the same time for top halo menu)
  • Implement bottom right halo menu (for rotation halo) and move the rotation halos there for now.
  • Optional - implement vertical halo menus

Task result


Implementation idea


How to demo

  • Demonstrate the new position of content and rotation halos


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