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Frame position can be now set by changing values in a HUD or by dragging the frame move halo. The frame move halo should be replaced with a frame title bar which is draggable and moves the frame around.

  • The title bar should be at the top of the frame
  • Height - the title bar height is equal to halo height + title bar padding. Title bar height doesn't need to be recalculated
  • Width - the title bar should contain all needed halos + frame (group) title. This means that minimum witdth is equal to number of halos + space between them + title bar padding + frame name. For selections, the title bar should not be shorter than halos + space between them + padding + amount of pixels (for example - 10)
  • Color - the title bar should be semi transparent and should allow changing opacity (and color) on mouse over and mouse pressed.

Task requirements

Create the frame title bar

  • This is generally a draggable halo that stays behind the other halos
  • Cover the functionalities from the overview
    • Height
    • Width
    • Color
  • The position of the title bar depends on upper halo menu position - title bar is behind other halos.
  • When the frame is small, the halos should appear the following way:

  • Introduce another rectangle, relative to the minimal size needed for the title bar.
  • Optional - include frame (group) name in the frame title bar. Selections do not need to have titles.
  • Implement halo aligning (left and right at the same time for top halo menu)

Task result


Implementation idea

Implement with BASE_HALOS_R1


How to demo

  • Insert a frame
  • Move the frame
  • Make the frame tiny (1x1px)
  • Move the frame again
  • Deselect the frame


  • Remove FrameMoveHaloMenu class.
    • Make MainHaloMenu a parent of FrameRemoveHaloButton.
  • FrameMoveHaloButton is replaced by a new class MainTitleBar extending AbstractHalo having the following functionalities.
    • Mouse click and movement handling from FrameMoveHaloButton.
    • Override parent(), computeTitle(), computeSize() and computeVisible() methods.
    • The MainHaloMenu is the parent
    • The size of the title bar is calculated as specified
      • The height is equal to the biggest height of all halo buttons + padding
      • The width is the maximal value between the width of the frame and the cumulative width of the halos + side padding + halo spacing + frame (group) name length calculated with default font.
    • MainTitleBar will be attached to MainHaloMenu in a custom way (can not be done automatically like halo buttons).
      • MainHaloMenu.titleBar() will be added with @Own annotation.
      • MainTitleBar's swingComponent will be added to MainHaloMenu after all halo buttons (thus having highest z-order) so that it is drawn first.
  • HaloMenu class is changed.
    • locationSync() method modified to consider right alignment of buttons on the menu (needed for FrameRemoveHaloButton).
    • HaloMenu.computeSize() protected method added.
  • HaloButton.alignment() added to specify the needed alignment of the halo button on its parent.
  • MainTitleBar.color() added to specify the color of the title bar (including opacity) which may change on mouse enter and mouse exit.
    • Color is internal and customization will not be allowed for now. It could be added to the skin later, but not other user interaction is expected.
  • Modify FrameRotateHaloMenu.computeLocation() to move rotate halo menu to the bottom right point of the frame.
  • Testing
    • Existing unit tests in org.sophie2.base.halos.
    • Demo test
      • Start HalosDemo.
      • Select a frame
        • There should be no frame move menu.
        • There should be no move frame halo button.
        • The remove frame halo button should be right aligned.
      • Frame movement should be possible when dragging the title bar.
    • Prototype committed to:


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