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Describe frame content concept and implement basic hierarchy.

Task requirements

  • Frame content should be:
    • replaceable
    • various kinds(text, audio, video, image, other)
  • It can also be non-defined and unsupported.
  • The user should be able to insert a frame without content and add it afterward or can change the content when he decides. The content is unsupported if it is created with non-present plug-in for example. The frame and the content of the frame can be considered as separated parts.
  • Make basic implementation of the frame content hierarchy. (for example it should be implemented with composition of the frame content in the frame)

Task Result

  • The result should be a wiki page where basic frame content concept is explained and basic implementation is made.

Implementation idea

  • For basic implementation do only class diagrams for now.


How to demo

  • Open the appropriate wiki page (for example it could be called BASE_MODEL_FRAME_CONTENT).
  • There must be an explanation of the basic frame content concept.
  • There must be class diagram of the hierarchy.
  • Make sure nothing important is dropped.


  • Create a wiki page where the result will be stored. For example it can be called BASE_MODEL_FRAME_CONTENT.
  • Frame Content Concept
    • Each frame has style and content.
    • Each frame has one content for a time.
    • The content of a frame is replaceable. For example if a frame has movie content then the same frame can change its content with image content.
    • Different kinds of content:
      • Text content
      • Audio content
      • Movie content
      • Image content
      • Browser content
      • Flash content
      • Pdf content
      • Comment content
    • Frame content can be non-defined or unsupported. The content is unsupported if it is created with non-present plug-in for example. (Explanation of non-defined and unsupported frame content and give examples)
  • Basic hierarchy
    • Base Frame content class
      • Derived classes for all the concrete contents.
    • Class Frame composed with Frame Content.





  • Analyzing : Pavlina, Dean(done: 25 mins)
    • Refactor: Tanya - 40 min
  • Designing : Tanya - 1h 10min
    • Review: 4 by todor
  • Implementing :
  • Testing :