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Write a class to help with writing unit tests. Unit tests should be easy to write, so that we write them more often and quicker. There are many common operations that a unit test might need.

Write a unit test helper module that provides the ability to execute a menu item, find a book with a given name, return the current page of the book, change pages of the book, return the number of frames on a page, return the number of pages, etc.

Task requirements

  • Write a class to help with writing unit tests
  • Add utility methods such as:
    • Finding the current book
    • Finding the current page
    • Finding the current frame
    • Finding the number of pages
    • Executing a menu command (such as "File" "Close", "Book" "New Page" etc)
    • Programmatically building books
      • Obtaining a tmp book in a tmp directory
      • Having this book auto closed/deleted when the unit finishes running
      • Importing resources easier
  • Create a wiki tutorial page on how to use this class to assist in writing unit tests

Task result

The result of this task is code and documentation

Implementation idea

  • Use your experience writing unit tests to help determine what else to add
  • You should be able to simply get an instance of this class and query the data
  • Also look at programmatically building books

Many tasks are related to this one, as it covers all unit tests.

How to demo

Show where to find the unit helper tutorial


(Describe your design here.)


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


(Place the testing results here.)


  • libraries for helping developing unit tests
  • find current page, find menu item
  • make it easier to develop unit tests
  • Write tests to help find what people will need