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Frame insets are the fields surrounding the frame content in the order - padding, border, margins. (see the picture trunk/sophie2-platform/doc/spec-diagrams/FrameBounds.png) They could differ in width for left, right, top and bottom.

Task requirements

  • There should be common way of keeping the four widths.
  • There should be common way of setting the same width for left, right, top and bottom.
  • There should be common way of setting four different widths.
  • (Optional, if there is time) There should be communal hud for setting the insets.

Task result

The result of this task is source code.

Implementation idea

  • Create class Insets for the four properties - left, right, bottom, top.
  • Create methods for setting and getting the insets.
  • Create communal hud for setting the insets.

How to demo

  • Create inset with only one value for width and check if it is set to all four.
  • Check if the user set values (through the hud) are correctly set to the insets.


Create class

  • The new class should extend BaseProObject class and have four properties for the left, right, bottom and top widths:
    • Float left()
    • Float right()
    • Float bottom()
    • Float top()
  • InsetsProp should have 3 constructors:
    • default - setting all four widths to 0
    • with one Float argument width - setting all four widths to width
    • with four different arguments - setting top(), left(), bottom(), right() widths in this order.


The implementation is trunk/sophie2-platform/modules/



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)

  • About the optional requirement - I don't see how could one implement a halo, when the halos library hasn't passed its 0 revision and it's concept is not revisioned and cleared.