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The user should be able to change the opacity of a frame.

  • The default frame opacity is 100.
  • All frames elements should be drawn according to the common opacity.
  • A tree structure can visualize the problem
    Frame opacity
    - Frame border opacity
    - Frame background opacity
    - Content opacity

Each of these has own opacity.

Task requirements

  • Implement opacity for a whole frame, frame border and frame background.
  • Add a slider bar in the frame appearance hud for controlling the whole frame opacity.Also add two more sliders for the border and background frame opacity. The slider bar for the whole frame should control the whole frame opacity and the opacity of the border and background.

Task result

The result of this task is source code.

Implementation idea

Add a slider bar to the frame appearance hud. Also add two more sliders for the border and background frame opacity.Add labels showing that they are opacity sliders. If the subhuds are ready put the two sliders in them, otherwise put the sliders on their appropriate places. Slider bars' values could change from 0 to 100%. Next to them there should be a bound control showing what is the chosen opacity. The bound control can be used to change the percent number and after changing the number the slider bar goes to the appropriate position. If any sign and number different from the numbers(integers) from 0 to 100 is inserted in the bound control its status should be 'not ok'.

Border and background opacities should depend on the whole frame opacity and they should not be formed from 100% opacity but from the value of the frame opacity. For example if the value of border frame opacity is 50% and frame opacity is 50%, actual frame border opacity is 25%.


How to demo

  • Demonstrate how a frame becomes lighter when the opacity is closer to 0 and it becomes darker when its opacity is closer to 100.
  • Demonstrate how a frame border opacity and frame background opacity depends on frame opacity.
  • Demonstrate how the opacity slider is connected with the bound control and bound control can have values only from 0 to 100.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



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