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Image content view is a view for images which supports scenes and advanced features such as cropping, zooming, rotation and etc. Image content is a model for image content (resources).

Task requirements

  • Define an image content view.
  • It should contain a basic (supporting no advanced features) scene element representing an image.
  • Define image content.
  • It should be associated with an image resource.

Task result

The result of this task should be source code.

Implementation idea

  • Create ImageContentView which is image content view.
  • It should inherit ContentView.
  • It should be able to construct an ImageSceneElement.
  • Create ImageFrameContent wich ia a model describing images as content.
  • It should inherit FrameContent.
  • It should point to an ImageBookResource.

How to demo

  • Create FrameView containing a Frame with ImageFrameContent.
  • The FrameView should contain an ImageContentView.
  • We should be able to view a frame with an image using scenes and the scene element from the FrameView. (Can't be created at the moment because of problems with FrameView);


  • Create ImageContentView class extending ContentView. It's concrete implementation of ContentView for images.
  • It should implement the model property of ContentView with template type ImageFrameContent.
  • It should implement the element property of ContentView with template type ImageSceneElement.
  • It should implement the property of ContentView associated with halo menus for images. (Can't be done right now because halo menus for content aren't implemented yet.)
  • Create ImageFrameContent class extending FrameContent. It's concrete implementation of FrameContent for images.
  • It should implement the mainResource property of FrameContent with template type ImageBookResource.



Unit test:



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