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Internal Backlog helps organizing and keeping track of the work.

Task requirements

Define how it will be tracked.
The backlog must be able to contain

  • Code Smells
  • Work Impediments
  • Availability
  • Sprint Logs
  • Open Questions
  • Read Docs (documents that developer must be familiar with)

Task Result

Google docs.

Implementation idea

Creating the necessary google docs.

How to demo

Access the Internal Backlog Google Doc.
Show different sheets of the document. Explain the names of the columns.


Our Internal Backlog will be a google spreadsheet with different sheets for:

  • Impediments - Here we must write down the obstructions during the iterations so we can learn from our mistakes.
  • Code Smells - Here we must put examples of bad code samples like CODE_SMELLS. This code doesn't follow the rules defined in CODE_TASKS_REQUIREMENTS
  • Documents - Here we must keep a list with our important documents and where do we store them.
  • We will keep track of the resource availability through two sheets called daily and global availability.

There is some helpful information and documents in ImportantDocs
(for now, this will be subject of further discussions about our wiki structure).


  • A Google Doc has been created, containing the sheets described in the Design section.
    • Impediments sheet with:
      • Name - name of the impediment
      • Description - short description of the impediment
      • Date - the date it was posted
      • Submitter - developer name.
      • Impact - low, medium, strong, etc.
      • Status - resolved, unresolved, etc.
    • Smells sheet with:
      • Name - name of the smell.
      • Location - class, package, document, etc.
      • Description - a short description.
      • Reported - a date.
    • Documents sheet with:
      • Name - name of the document.
      • Link - active link.
    • Daily Availability - everyone should fill the days he can be available for the current sprint.
    • Global Availability sheets
      • Week
      • Notes
  • See Internal Backlog Google Doc



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