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Known problems

This build of Sophie 2 is a pre-release build and consequently does not have much of the functionality of the full Sophie 2. The documentation explains which parts of Sophie 2 are not in this release.

In this release of Sophie, some specific functionality is not accessible that was available in previous releases of Sophie. This functionality has been taken out for the moment, but will return soon.

  • Text cannot be edited. Inserting a text frame will insert a frame with dummy content; clicking on the frame will open a window allowing you to enter new text, but text editing is not functioning normally.
  • Page and frame templates are currently non-functional.

In addition, in this release:

  • Links are currently non-functional; while the core functionality exists, there's presently no user interface.

Small issues:

  • All images import at the same size.
  • PDFs only import the first page.
  • The frame shadow HUD does not function correctly.
  • Open Annotations from File button does not function correctly.
  • Stickies cannot be edited.
  • Book extras palette does not function.
  • The application cannot be closed normally.

However, this release also includes:

  • Book window magnification
  • Frame visibility controls
  • Preview mode controls
  • Stickies
  • PDF import