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4. Working with Frames

This section of the documentation explains how frames work in Sophie. Frames are the way in which text and media are represented on the pages of Sophie books.

In this release of Sophie 2, frames can be added to a page by choosing Insert > Text, Insert > Image, Insert > Audio, Insert > Video, or Insert > PDF. For all options but Insert > Text, you will be asked to select the file you wish to add. When this is done, a frame is added to the current Sophie page. Multiple frames can be added to a page. This is a provisional interface and not necessarily how frames will be inserted in the final version of Sophie 2.

Selecting a frame will reveal the frame halos. Above the center of the frame is the delete halo; clicking this will delete the frame from the page.

4.1. Changing the size and position of a frame
4.2. Setting borders and fills
4.4. Multiple selection and aligning frames
4.5. Setting margins and padding