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Reporting bugs

The bug-reporting interface

This release of Sophie integrates internal bug reporting. When a serious bug occurs, the bug tracking window will appear. It looks like this:


This can also be triggered when an error has not occurred; you can choose Help > Send an Error Report to bring up this window.

This window does not automatically send a bug report to the Sophie developers. If you use this window, you can generate a bug report form that can be sent to the developers. You should be aware that choosing to use the error-reporting window may transmit personal information (like the name of the directories on your hard drive) to Sophie's developers; if you're worried about this, use of internal bug reporting is entirely voluntary. If you do not email anything to us, your personal information will not be transmitted.

Sending bug information to the developers

If you've found a bug in Sophie, we'd love it if you send it to us. Here's how:

  1. First, you first need to fill in your email address.
  2. Filling in some basic information about what you did that caused the error (in the bottom field) is also useful. If there's a particular sequence of events that triggers the bug, listing that sequence will be very helpful.
  3. If a particular piece of media or book that always causes the error, you can attach that. This isn't always necessary.
  4. When all that's filled in, click the Save as File button. Give the bug report a useful name that ends in .txt - like error with page turning links.txt. The bug report will be saved as a text file on your computer.
  5. Finally, send the report to Dan Visel at Note that sometimes bug reports can be very large (more than 1 Mb); if this is the case, you might zip it before emailing.

That's it. If we have questions, we'll email you back for details.

Not all bugs bring up errors. If you're having a problem that doesn't actually crash Sophie, you can email Dan Visel at with a description of the problem.


Bugs can also be discussed on the Sophie 2 user list or the developer list as well as in the forums of this site.