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Constructing your own version of the Frans Masereel "Die Stadt" book

To construct your own copy of this book, download the contents of the book here (ZIP file, 831 kb). Unzip the file to create a folder; it should contain 22 images in it. This book should be fairly simple to make; follow these instructions to duplicate the version that can be downloaded, but feel free to play with them and change them as you like.

The links in these instructions go to sections of the documentation that describe the parts of Sophie being used more thoroughly.

  1. Start up Sophie Author.
  2. Create a new Sophie book. Make the width 360 and the height 480; give it whatever title you like.
  3. Now let's insert the first image. For the first page, choose Insert > Image from the menu bars. Choose the first image, 000title.png.
  4. The image will be inserted on the page; move it until it is in the right spot, or open its frame size & position HUD and set its X to 0 and its Y to 0 to make sure it's correct.
  5. Now let's add the link on the page so that it turns to the next page when you click on it. Click on the link halo to open the image's link HUD.
  6. In the link HUD, click + to add a new link. Choose the link trigger FRAME_PRESSED and the action Go to next page.
  7. Add a page after the current page.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the next 21 images, which are numbered consecutively.
  9. For the image on the last page - page 22 - you may want to set the link to have the action "Go to page" and then page 1. Or you might want to have no link on that page.
  10. Save your book and open it in Sophie Reader.

There are different methods you could use to construct this book which might be faster. You could, for example, import all the images at once using the Import button in the resources palette; then you could drag each numbered image to the page rather than importing an image every time. If you do this, you might add all the images and then go back to move them via HUD: you'll notice that as you select frames, the last HUD you had open will stay open, making this somewhat faster. A second pass through all the pages might set up the links.

source:/branches/private/danvisel/sophie2-platform/doc/userdoc-images/DEMO_MATERIAL/DieStadtTitle.png source:/branches/private/danvisel/sophie2-platform/doc/userdoc-images/DEMO_MATERIAL/DieStadtPage.png