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Constructing your own version of the timeline position changing demo book

To construct your own copy of this book, download the contents of the book here (ZIP file, 16 kb). Unzip the file to find BlueBall.png, the only resource used to make this book. This book should be fairly simple to make; follow these instructions to duplicate the version that can be downloaded, but feel free to play with them and change them as you like.

  1. Start up Sophie Author.
  2. Create a new Sophie book. Make it 400 x 400; give it whatever title you like.
  3. Set the color of the page background: make it red if you'd like, or whatever color you'd like.
  4. Insert a text frame; move it near the top of the page, and enter in the text and style it, using the character HUD. (This isn't very important, obviously.)
  5. Select Import > Image in the menu bars, and select BlueBall.png.
  6. Drag the blue ball to the bottom of the page for now.
  7. Now open the page timeline HUD. Set the MAIN value to 6,000. This means that the page will show for 6 seconds before it begins to loop.
  8. Select the blue ball and open its timeline HUD. Set the MAIN value to 6,000. This means that the blue ball's timeline will also loop every 6 seconds. (If this value were less than the page's length, the blue ball's actions would start to loop inside the page's loop.)
  9. Now open the timeline flap at the bottom of the Sophie interface. Change the timeline zoom - the drop-down on the left side - to 50 ms or something less so that it's easier to deal with small units of time. (If you're having trouble selecting 50 ms, try hitting ENTER after clicking on the zoom; then use the arrow keys to select the right value.
  10. Select the blue ball's frame so you see the blue ball's timeline.
  11. Move the slider a little - to about 1,000, or 1 seconds. Then move the blue ball about one-sixth of the way around the circle of the page.
  12. Move the slider a little more - to about 2,000, or 2 seconds. Move the blue ball about one-third of the way around the circle of the page.
  13. Drag the slider back and forth. Notice that the position of the blue ball changes. If you move the blue ball, the move will be recorded on the timeline at that point. Move the slider and the ball as many times as you want to to make it appear to go in a circle.
  14. Finally, preview the book. The blue ball should appear to move in a circle around the page; when the time gets to 6,000, the timeline will loop back to the beginning.

Try your own variations with this: you might try having two balls on the page, and making them both move differently.