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Sophie2 needs to support various media playback engines. Document the various engines we can use so the other tasks can refer to this information. Also we need to have a way to change the engine easily without changing much code, so build a factory to creating an engine and a module for the media engine factory.

Task requirements

  • Document the various media engines we can use in Java, such as the JML
  • Write a module for media engines
    • Have extension points so an engine plugin can register itself
    • Have an api that can return an instance of current media engine class
    • Have an API for changing the default media engine
    • Add a debug menu
      • Add a "media engine" submenu, which is hierarchical and lists all registered media engines. Choosing one will change the current default for new media loaded.

Task result

The task result is documentation and code

Implementation idea

  • Try to keep this simple for now; Being able to add/remove/list media engines will likely be sufficient


How to demo

Show the media engine menu, or if that didn't get done, show the code and documentation that shows how to use this module





common research and library how to change the engine