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Expand zoom functionality

Task requirements

  • Provide typing ability to the zoom dropdown
  • Shrink the grey area (page work area) to 10-20px around page (decide in design section, may be configurable in module configuration)
    • Optional - make this configurable in module configuration
  • Add 2 dropdown items in the bottom panel zoom dropdown
    • Separator between percent menu items and text menu items.
    • Page width
    • Page

When some of these is selected. it should be kept, but actual percentage should be displayed instead. For example - you select "Page", the whole page is present, there is a visual marker that "Page" is selected, but the zoom panel shows actual zoom level in percents.

  • Provide the following shortcuts for zoom in and zoom out
    • Ctrl + "+" - zoom in
    • Ctrl + "-" - zoom out
    • Ctrl + "*" - zoom to normal
    • Ctrl + mouse scroll up - zoom in
    • Ctrl + mouse scroll down - zoom out
  • Assertions
    • When going to full screen, zoom level should be kept.
    • When going to preview mode, zoom level should not be kept. Instead,
      • If page is larger than screen size, page fit should be selected.
      • If page is not larger than the window area, 100% should be selected.
    • When using custom (typed in) zoom level visual marker in the dropdown should not be displayed.

Task result

  • Source code

Implementation idea


How to demo

  • Open Sophie
  • Create a book and insert text frame
  • Type in some text
  • Show zooming in by ctrl+"+"
  • Show zooming out by ctrl+"-"
  • Show zooming in by ctrl+ mouse scroll up
  • Show zooming to normal by ctrl+"*"
  • Show zooming out by ctrl+ mouse scroll down


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