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Update PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_ECLIPSE with the latest info on building Sophie with Eclipse

Task requirements

  • Make sure Sophie can still be built from within Elicpse
  • Add instructions for updating an existing project
  • Evaluate the project structure for any optimizations


  • Write directions on how to build older releases of Sophie 2 (Useful for merging changes from previous releases and testing)
    • How to open a project for a previous release
    • How to run each release

Task result

Implementation idea

  • File->Import->Maven Projects is not very obvious to those who are new to Eclipse, so a section on this would be useful


How to demo

Show step by step how to build Sophie 2 project within Eclipse


  • Currently Sophie 2 can be successfully deployed and built within Eclipse.
  • There are no optimizations that can be done to the project structure related to the deployment and building in Eclipse. The modular structure is fundamental and should not be altered.
  • PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_ECLIPSE will be updated with the following sections:
    • Importing the project for the first time.
    • Running Sophie2
    • Creating a new module.
    • Importing newly created modules.
    • Working with previous releases.
    • Troubleshooting information.
  • Since this is the last revision of the task, everybody from the team will be asked for comments and suggestions of the new document.


The new version of PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_ECLIPSE is created. Since nobody commented on it for a week, this will be the last version of the document.



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)