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The whole Sophie 2.0 project should be compiled and built by Maven (a software project management tool). Maven should be configured to run tests, show statistics and generate useful reports.

Task requirements

Maven have to:

  • build each module of Sophie 2.0 successfully
  • run the tests and show statistics about failed, passed tests and errors.
  • generate reports(code coverage, surefire reports, etc. - research the reports and decide which are useful).

You should also describe in a wiki page building process with Maven and show the reports results.

Task result

  • Sophie 2.0 build
  • wiki page with how-to using Maven
  • the generated reports

Implementation idea

  • use mvn clean, install, test commands
  • search for maven report plug-ins


How to demo

  • execute Maven commands for building and generating reports
  • show the generated reports
  • show the wiki page



Note: the target dir is ignored form repository that's why there is no result in implementation section. For now we don't have server where we should keep the reports so you can generate only by yourself executing mvn site.




Analysis: Pav (done: 35m)
Review: 3.5 by Pap. It looks OK and gives clear enough requirements.
Design: Pav (done: 2h)
Review: 3 by Pap(8m). It's understandable, although I find it a bit hard to find the design for each requirement.
Implementation: Pav (done: 5h)
Review: 2 by Pap. It's not mentioned where the results are so I cannot review them.