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Maven must continue to build Sophie 2.0, run tests and generate reports.

Task requirements

  • Store the generated by 'mvn site' reports in the server machine.(This can be done in parallel with BUILD_SERVER_DEPLOYMENTS_R1 after creating new job for the maven site generation).
    • They should be seen from outside, using url for example.
  • Improve the assembly plugin to generate distribution in zip format(solve the problem with the repeated dependencies in the zips).
  • Go through the pom.xml's again to see if there are mistakes and correct them.
  • See if there are maven warnings while building and correct them.
  • Research more report plugins and store the information from the current in appropriate places(for example in code smells in the backlog)

Task result

  • Stored and seen from outside maven reports.
  • Maven building without mistakes and warnings.

Implementation idea

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How to demo

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