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The goal of this task is to define the developer's software setup.

Task requirements

Clarify which OSes are supported. Create a document which defines what products/libraries should the developers platforms contain.

This document should contain the following sections:

  • Developer tools (java, eclipse, sublipse, svn client, build tools, advanced text editor, issue tracker (we will probably use web-based one))
  • Communication tools (skype, e-mail)
  • Documentation, Diagraming, supporting and other tools (web browser, uml tool, open office)
  • Optional - this section should include tools used for research. For example try different libraries, UML tools, bug trackers, etc.

The document should contain also some instructions about specific application setup:

  • Eclipse
    • Setup overview
    • Setup plug ins
    • Tips (important tips or resources)

Task result

The result of this task should be a wiki page

Implementation idea


How to demo

Show task progress by presenting PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW


  • See and for the old wiki and find what you can use from there
  • Write in a wiki page called PLATFORM_INFRATRUCTURE_OVERVIEW which contains the needed:
    • Developer tools (java, eclipse, sublipse, svn client(Tortoise SVN for Windows), build tools(Maven Integration), advanced text editor(Notepad++))
    • Communication tools (skype, e-mail)
    • Documentation, Diagraming, supporting and other tools (web browser, uml tool(Visual Paradigm Community Edition), open office)
    • Sophie 1.0, Sophie Reader, Acrobat Reader, Flash Player.
    • Eclipse(3.4)
      • Setup overview
      • Setup plug-ins(Subclipse, M2 Eclipse, (optional)PyDev)
      • Tips (important tips or resources)
  • Note: be careful to separate project deployment in eclipse and setup for Eclipse as an application.


Filled in requirements listed in Analysis and Design section: PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW



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