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Create a strict description of rules and standards for writing auto tests.

Task requirements

Describes how to write auto tests easily.

  • Define how we should do automatic testing
    • Give suggestions about libraries to use
    • Write base classes for unit, integration and system testing
    • Define what helper classes will be needed for easily test writing and write them - for example helper class for writing dialogs
    • Define how easily to write unit tests for GUI components
  • Create how-to or testability documents. Wiki pages shall be useful.

Task result

The result of the task must be wiki pages.

Implementation idea

There must be some useful information in the old wiki.

How to demo

Demonstrate the wiki pages and explain the standards.


  • junit 4 will be the library we use for automatic testing
  • there are written base classes in net.asteasolutions.veda.testing package
  • make document with the testing process
    • describe the running of all tests using Eclipse
    • describe where and how to write the different kinds of tests
    • describe precisely what are unit, integration and system tests.
    • helper classes in test2 directory - halos/HalosConstants, menus/mock, logic/LogicHelper, model/book/DefaultBookResource, model/persist/MiscTest, prolib/DummyListener, view/MockBookView


Here is the document



  • Analyzing : Tanya, toshko - 15 min
  • Designing : Pavlina
  • Implementing : Pavlina
    • Review: 3 by tanya - 40 mins

Mark: 3
Much information is given and different kinds of test are clear explained (unit, integration, system).
But not all of the helper classes are written. For example there is not helper class for how to write Drag 'n' drop. There is not a list of all necessary helper classes.
Also, it is not clear how to write unit tests for GUI.
Bad estimate. 1 day is not enough for everything to be done.