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Describes what rules the code must follow. How to setup eclipse to observe and restrict for the quality of the code.

Task requirements

  • What are the standards that code must follow.
    • What are the java code conventions.
    • What are the javadoc conventions.
    • What are good code practices.
    • What are code smells.
    • What general rules to follow so that code is extensible, maintainable etc.
  • What is the warning level in eclipse.
  • Link to related how-tos
  • Link to tutorials

Requirements to the task result

The result of this task must be wiki pages.

Implementation idea

Wiki pages must be created for all the necessary setups a developer must do and for code conventions a developer must follow, and these pages must be linked in the implementation part of this task page.

Code Conventions for the JavaTM Programming Language (Sun Microsysytems, Inc. Revised April 20, 1999)

AmbySoft Inc. Coding Standards for Java v17.01d (Last uploaded on January 15, 2000)

Java Programming Style Guidelines (Version 6.0, April 2007)

Draft Java Coding Standard written by Doug Lea

Java Code Conventions & Code auditors Presented by Ravi Pavagada Pavagada, Haibo Zhao, Justin Milligan, Joe Dawley

Note: Most of the coding conventions mentioned above are more or less the same...

How to demo

Check if all necessary information about the setup of the environment and the rules to be followed for the development is linked.


What pages are needed:

  • Compiler Settings
  • Javadoc conventions
  • Naming conventions
  • Logging
  • Code Tasks Requirements
  • What is considered code smell and code smell examples


Created demanded pages in Design section.
Useful external links (How-tos, code conventions, etc.) are listed in the Analysis/Related section of this document.



  • Analyzing : Tanya, toshko - 20 min + Tanya 20 min refactor
  • Designing : Tanya - 20 min
  • Implementing : Tanya
  • Review : 4 by Pavlina - 30 mins
  • Super Review: milo - 2 - Resulted in messy pages (some of them are incomplete). Should be restructured and include some of the things that were in PROCESS@8
  • Analyzing 2: Peko - done - 10 mins
  • Designing 2: Peko - refactored 5 mins.
  • Implementing 2 : Peko - done - 20 mins - NAME_CONVENTIONS removed. CODE_CONVENTIONS from SUN added.
    • Review: 3.5 by todor. The created wiki pages are good although some of they are not up-to-date.
  • Testing :