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In platform standards manual test you must describe the procedures and rules for executing, tracking and maintaining manual tests and the bugs related to them.

Task Requirements

In this document describe:

  • how shall we track and perform manual testing (with tcw for example)
  • how to report a bug (in trac for example)
  • how to manage already reported bug
  • how to create a use case
    • decompose the use case to simple steps that are easy to follow
    • verify that such use case doesn't already exists

Task Result

The result of the finished task must be a document in which is described how will be created and managed use cases and bug reports.

Implementation Idea

Write down in form of list the requirements that must be adhered, when tracking bugs and writing test cases.


How to demo

Show tcw and trac bug mangement tool and explain how they will be used.


  1. What will be used for bugtracking.
  2. What will be used for test case documenting.
  3. Manual testing should be done according to tcw test cases.
  4. How to write use cases. What basic rules should be followed.
  5. Assure integrity between tcw and bugtaracking system.


Manual testing should be done following these rules:

  • We will use tcw for documenting of the manual tests.
  • We will use trac for bug tracking.
  • Manual testing should be done according to tcw test cases.
  • Basic rules for writing test cases:
    • Each use case must be decomposed to simple (single action) steps.
    • The use cases must cover all of the Sophie functionality.
    • Every use case must consist of at most 15 steps.
    • When you write new use case first you must verify that such use case doesn't already exist.
    • Use cases must be organized by categories.
    • There must be some (about 10) test cases for basic functions and they must be checked regularly.
  • There must be integrity between our bug tracking system and tcw. When error occurs when following test case steps, you must describe in the bug tracking system:
    • place link to the use case if such is available
    • on which step of the test case the error occurs
    • explanation of the error
    • what type of error it is (crash, wrong application behavior, etc.)
    • does the error appears every time on this action or only in certain conditions
    • used version of sophie
    • testing platform
  • When test case is passed without any errors, you must tell on that the test case is passed.
  • The test cases for the basic functions must be passed at least once on every milestone.


  • Some aspects will be cleared when tcw end trac bug module are installed.



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