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Since testing is started, clear standards should be put.

Task requirements


Create a zip in the repository with all of the supported frame contents for manual and auto tests.

Task result

  • Wiki page linked where needed
  • Zip with resources

Implementation idea

See bugs page. Discuss with integrators


How to demo

Show the new standards and the zip. Explain what is zipped.

Design contains files that are currently supported. contains the same files, but renamed to have spaces in filenames. This is related to some issues with spaces in filenames of audio and video files.

Skeleton of PLATFORM_STANDARDS_MANUAL_TESTS/Bugs Bugs are described and fixed in tickets

  • Analysis of bugs: Reporting an issue is the analysis of the bug
    • Summary:
      • May start with "Crash:", "Tweak", "Unexpected behavior:". Crash means that the report form is evoked. Error report is needed as an attachment
      • "TLID:" testlink id, if the bug can be reproduced by executing a testcase
      • Short summary, custom text, what exactly happens in few words
    • Type: bug
    • Priority: determine the priority of the bug.
    • Keywords - fill in related keywords, for example "text"
    • Components - fill in component if you can determine the component
    • reporter: devid , automatically added by trac
    • Milestone - current milestone
    • cc: a reminder to someone
    • Analysis_owners: your devid
    • Description: contains more detailed description and steps to recreate in order to reproduce the bug.
    • Attachments: you may add attachments to your ticket (screenshots, crash logs, books) reffering to an attachment named "filename.ext" is done by [attachment:filename.ext]

When you create the ticket, move it's status to analysis finished.

  • Design
    • Design can be described in a comment of the ticket. If the space isn't enough (the fix is not trivial), the designer may create a wiki page named BUG_<number> to put his design section there. This page should be linked in the description field of the ticket. Bug pages are created using bug page template. When design is finished, the status should be updated and implementation may start without a design review. Same goes for the implementstion.
  • Implementation: Implementation changeset should be linked. The ticket status is moved to implementation finished.
  • Test: Test is performed by the reporter. If the bug is not present, the ticket is closed.

Reviews and resolutions:

  • Analysis
    • The description describes the problem and the bug can be reproduced by following the instructions there - 3p
    • The ticket contains crash report +0.5p
    • The ticket contains attached books, screenshots, etc +0.5p (+1p)
    • The ticket contains linked test case +1p
    • The ticket contains links to related bugs, tasks, external links +0.5p

Design and implementation are usually reviewed at once

  • Design
    • Explanation how it will be fixed
      • Methods
      • New classes if needed
    • What caused that issue?
  • Implementation
    • Lame implementation (bad code) and hacks are not allowed
    • Should follow the design
  • Test: Usually the reporter checks if the problem is present. If not-the bug is closed. The test is not reviewed. If testcase is related, it should be executed.


  • fixed - set by the tester, if the problem is not longer present and fixed in this ticket
  • invalid - set by anyone, if the problem is not present or something else is wrong, for example, the description is missing
  • wontfix - if something is designed this way or doesn't worth fixing or will be fixed post final release
  • later - this will be fixed later, as part of another task
  • worksforme - this one is clear


  • Attached 2 zip files. Please sumbit into dev-tools
  • Scripting was not integrated when the zip was created, so at this stage it is not included
  • HTML was not integrated too
  • Exotic filenames were not considered since a lot of research will be needed - which is suitable for mac, win and linux. However, attached is the research relult


(Place the testing results here.)


(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)