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The goal of this task is to define the scope and extent to which Changes apply.

Task requirements

  • Devise a concept on what areas of Sophie 2 should Changes should apply, like:
    • Should Changes be applied to the model only
    • Should Changes also be applied to the state of the views
    • Should Changes be applied to models and views in a hybrid way
    • Should Changes be applied to shared resources
    • Other

Argue on these alternatives and provide an ideas for solutions

  • Here are listed a few concrete problems which also must be solved:
    • Are all actions, which mutate the views, to be considered Changes? If not, which of these actions should be considered Changes?
    • A change in a model (a Frame, for instance) produces multiple changes in the views, dependent on this model (BookViews). Which of the view changes (if any) are to be uploaded on the server and which are to be handled locally?
    • Two books share the same resource (possibly embedded in both), for instance some license text. One user edit this shared resource which results in a Change locally at his side, which he can undo/redo. Should the other user be able to undo/redo this change? Generally, how should a Change of shared resource from a user on one of the sides affect affect the other side?
  • Think of other problems with the scope of Changes and propose solutions to the above

Task result

  • Design ideas and solutions on the above problems, listed in the wiki page

Implementation idea

  • View the related pages and problems to get a broader perspective
  • Search for solutions on the Web


How to demo

  • Show this page
  • Explain the problems and the proposed solutions


(Describe your design here.)


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


(Place the testing results here.)


(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)