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The aim of this task is to optimize memory usage of the properties library.

Task requirements

Optimize the memory usage of the properties library:

  • The PRO_LIB_CORE_PERFORMANCE_R0 task can be useful.
  • According to the data collected there find memory leaks and fix them.
  • Provide basic mechanism for garbage collecting.

Task result

The result of this task should be source code.

Implementation idea

Find memory leaks by using some kind of profiler - see PRO_LIB_CORE_PERFORMANCE_R0 for more ideas. Ensure objects that are no longer used are destoyed so that the garbage collector can get rid of them.


How to demo

Show the changes you have made and describe them. Start unit tests and show that they take less time than before.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)