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In the client, books can be viewed from Sophie2 Server. Large resources should be loaded from front to back and you should be able to start reading the book (or viewing the resource) before it’s finished loading.

Task requirements

  • A book should be readable before completely finished downloading. Getting parts of a book assumes ability to get resources separately (for example, to get only the first page of the book). So:
    • All kinds of resources must be accessible through the facade.
  • Audio / Video content may also be too large. Research and define a procedure for dealing with this kind of content (for example - streaming/pseudo streaming).
  • Unit tests for any new code must be provided.

Task result

Source code.

Implementation idea

Implementing resource access is a task requirement of S2S_FACADE_RESOURCE_ACCESS_R0. It would be a good idea to implement these two tasks together.


How to demo

Show the code, run the tests.


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