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The Server and Client editions of Sophie2 will use the same module for resources.

Task requirements

  • Resource concepts on server and client must be unified - there will not be differences between a server resource and a client resource. This involves making the server core use the "base" modules instead of the current DAOs.
  • If the server.persistence module (or some its packages) is not needed yet, it should be removed from the project.
  • Check and repair errors in the code. There are servlets (for example) currently, which use some the DAO objects User, Book, etc. The code should not be broken.
  • The created resource ersistence schema must be explained in the design section (maybe diagrams, etc).

Task result

Source code (updated org.sophie2.server.persistence module, unit tests).

Implementation idea

  • Look at BASE_RESOURCE_COMMONS_R0 (in "related") for a basic concept of resources.
  • Look at other BASE_RESOURCE tasks, since they are tightly connected with the server resource tasks.
  • Schedule a discussion about resource persistence and write the conclusions in this design section.


How to demo

Show the new classes, run the unit tests.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)