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There are several kinds of search in the Sophie server:

  • Search all books
  • Search current user’s books only
  • Search on word or phrase
  • Book search results

The result of the search depending on the search kind displays:

  • List of all books matching results with context characters displayed (ten characters before and after result string)
  • Search again
  • Refine search (search again on previous search result)
  • Download book - the user can choose to download the book where is the search match
  • Clone book - the user can choose to clone that book
  • Manage book - the user can manage the books in the search result

Task requirements

  • For book search:
    • Currently, the search method is not implemented in the S2S facade, and it has to be.
    • We have to be able to ORDER the results BY some criteria (for example, by date + descending)
    • We have to be able to take just a number of results (for example, first 5 results). Not very important for now.
    • We have to able to search in different locations, for example "all books", "books of the current user", "search in results"
    • We have to be able to search by word or by phrase (AND and OR)
    • We have to be able to search parts of words (may be postponed for next revisions)
    • Search in comments can not be implemented yet, since there are no comments.
  • We need also User Search..
  • and Group Search
  • There must be a simple book search in the menu.jsp (for example, the one, that is currently in the search.jsp)
  • in search results:
    • The results from the last search must be listed.
    • There must be added functionality for search in the results.
    • The same search form as in search.jsp must be visible in the page.
    • For every search result, we must have "download", "clone" and "manage" buttons.

Task result

Thorougly improved search - source code, jsp files.

Implementation idea

If there is no time left, the facade is not neccessary for now.
Since there are no other "search" tasks(concerning the S2S), this one includes not only modifying jsp files, but also upgrading the persistence, core and facade layers.


How to demo

Access the server at and search for something



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)