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The result of this task should be reasonable dependencies for most of the tasks, especially for the first and second iterations.

  • Verify the existing dependencies in work breakdown structure document(make automatic script to check if the revisions are correct in the related tasks).
  • Add more dependencies for base tasks.
  • Check manually if the created schedule is possible(this can be done by the generated exports or task juggler calendars).

Task Requirements

  • Dependencies should be clear the dependencies between tasks.
  • It should be clear throughout the project which task from two tasks is first.

Task Result

  • Dependencies between tasks in the work breakdown structure.


How to demo

  • open the file
  • look though the depends() functions where it exists.


  • Dependencies are stored in resources ODS in a column called depends.
  • Since all Tasks have unique names, the name of a task is enough to determine the dependencies.
  • After dependencies are put in the ODS document, all the document should be exported in the WBS document and task juggler calendars should be generated to check the consistency of the dependencies.
  • It is not necessary to explicitly say that A depends on C when A depends on B and B depends on C.
  • "Depends" means that a task cannot be completed prior the task it depends on!!!
  • In most of the cases every subtask of a task depends on ....COMMONS subtask of the same task.
  • Task may depend on task with subtasks or only on a set of subtasks of a task.
  • Since we do not have a clear idea about dependencies between tasks with multiple revisions, for now we will assume that when a task depends on another task it is only the first revision to depend on!


  • Filling the table called resources.ors - depends column. manage/sched/resources.ods (Open Office Table)
  • Extracting the dependencies in the manage/sched/ file (function depends()).
  • After we struggled with the Python Syntax, Milo decided to help and the result was the checkOrder() function. (in manage/sched/
  • checkOrder() function checks whether dependencies are correctly added. Result:
    • No dependencies for R0 of tasks.
    • About 90 dependencies from R0 on.
    • Dependencies between non bottom level tasks also exist (not counted).



  • Analyzing : Pavlina, Dean(done: 20 mins)
  • Analyzing 2 : Peko
  • Designing : Peko, Dean (10 mins)
  • Implementing : Peko - (440 mins)
  • Review: Milo - 2 - The page is not according to the template. Testing is not applicable. We dont have clear semantics about how depends transits for revisions. We dont have semantics what depends mean when defined for not bottom level tasks. There are problems with the dependencies, but they should be fixed in the next revision.
  • Testing : Peko - (10 mins)
  • Review2: Deyan - 3 - The page is fixed due to the template. In later revisions depends' transitions should be discussed and applied.