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This task includes backing-up the project data.

Task requirements

  • Analyze the results from the most recent backup
    • See if the created CD contains all needed information.
    • Decide if the server can be actually restored using this CD.
  • Review files that should be backed up.
    • Review files that are currently backed up.
    • Consider if new files should be added to the back up.
    • Consider if files should be removed from the back up.
  • Review the automatic backup script dan-server:/backup/ Modify it to satisfy new requirements from the previous points(if needed).
  • Choose a period for the backup - once in a sprint or more frequent.

Task result

Backup of the Community server on a disc. Revisited backup script dan-server:/backup/

Implementation idea


How to demo

Present dan-server:/backup/ and describe modified parts (if any). Present implementation section of this document, it should contain description of what is done.


Review the CD - where it is stored, can the server be restored from it? The current script contains all needed information for trac to run. Decided to only execute the backup script because a restructuring of the trac will be done these days. A script should be created when the new structure of dan-server is applied.


The script meets requirements for current structure of the server. A backup disc is done (08-10-31) in 12:00h GMT.



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