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In this revision the about and other pages should be reviewed and improved. New information should be added.

desc(" general - this may just be a web page with links...")
			desc(" should include - general info, road map, links...")
			desc(" with Task('SCS_INFO_GENERAL', effort=2):")
			desc(" with Task('SCS_INFO_ROAD_MAP', effort=2):")
			desc(" with Task('SCS_INFO_LINKS', effort=2):")
			desc(" with Task('SCS_INFO_ABOUT', effort=2): #about the developers")
			desc(" with Task('SCS_INFO_BUILDS', effort=2): #integrated with the build system")
			with Rev(0, effort=2, pre=2): 
				desc("R0 Fix information in the about part. Fix the information in the community site.")

Task requirements

  • About team
    • Discuss with team leader what can be done. See implementation idea.
  • About page
    • Review existing about project page
    • Give suggestions on improvements - at least the team leader must be mentioned there as development of Sophie2 wouldn't be fact without him.
    • Give everything to the team leader for review, improvements and approval after passing the design review.
  • Create wiki page Site map which contains links to everything in the wiki - user pages.
    • Roadmap with explanation
    • About Sophie page with explanation
    • About team page with explanation
    • Forum with explanation
    • Blog with explanation
    • S2S with explanation
    • Build server with explanation
    • Maven generated site with explanation
    • Task index with explanation
    • Current iteration with explanation

Explanations should be in a sentence.

  • If possible, create a button in the top bar of trac "Site Map" that links to this one

Task result

Wiki pages.

Implementation idea

About team may contain information for team members that agree their information to be published. A good example is

http:/ is S2S
http:/ is Hudson.

How to demo

Show created pages. Explain what is done.


  • Sitemap

Project Roadmap

This is the best way to keep track of the Sophie project progress and gain information about different task's states our schedules and other useful statistics.

About Sophie 2.0

In this section you can learn more about the Sophie 2.0 and the story and people behind it.

About Astea Team?

Meet with the team that is currently developing Sophie 2.0.


You can use our forum for sharing ideas, give suggestions find solution to your problem or just discuss some of the "offtopics".

Project Blog

From the Blog you can read the latest news about Sophie 2.0.

Sophie 2 Server

Hudson Build server

(Maven generated site could not be linked at this state)

Task Index

You can use the Sophie 2.0 Task Index to look at every revision of each task. From there you can gain detailed information and access to every single task of the project breakdown.


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


(Place the testing results here.)


(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)