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We will use a Blog to communicate with the users as well as a forum and mail groups. In the Blog we'll describe what is happening with the project - current status, sprint overviews, used technologies, obstacles ( imprediments ).


  • It has to be decided what software for blog functionality we'll use.
  • Design a structure of the regular blog posts.
  • Implement monthly posts

Task requirements

Track server.

Task result

A Blog.

Implementation idea

We'll use the Trac Blog plugin.


How to demo

Open and browse the blog. Only authenticated users will have authority to write posts.


  • we will use Trac Full Blog Plugin 0.1
  • we will have only official blog
  • monthly post structure
    • sprint overview(added features and functionality)
    • we may explain which technologies are used in this sprint
    • what is planned to be done next month(next sprint)
    • is there any impediments during the process
  • we can have post for september in the end of the month with the current project status


There are a Welcome post and a post introducing the google groups. Will be ready when there is a post at the end of the sprint describing our progress.



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