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This task involves creating a new repository, defining a good repository structure and move important files from the old repository to the new one.


  • Define a repository structure
  • Define what should be used from the old repository.
  • Move the selected files, possibly with the new structure.

Task requirements

  • svn repository
    • it should be accessible from outside the office.
    • it should provide privileges for the developers to commit resources.
    • it should provide privileges for others to access resources.
    • it should be well organized in a three like form for easy manipulation (for example like /etc/bin/...).
    • it should be easily maintainable by the person responsible for its maintenance including backup, troubleshooting etc.

Task result

An SVN repository.

Implementation idea

  • see implementation for more detail!

Old repository - svn://
SVN fundamentals.

How to demo

  • Deploy the project using a suitable SVN client (Tortoise SVN - windows; SVN-Workbench, SmartSVN - linux), executing:
    svn checkout svn:// /path/to/some/folder
  • Browse the folders from /path/to/some/folder and explain to others what the folder contains. Detailed explanation of the folder's content is placed in Design section.


  • Repository Structure
    • trunk/ - will contain the current sources for the Sophie-JR project. That is where the main line of development will be.
      • sophie2-platform/ - the main platform development goes here
        • doc/ - documentation for the whole platform (not related to specific module)
    • branches/ - will be used to try out new features without disturbing the main line of development. As soon as a new feature is stable enough then the development branch may be merged back into the main branch (trunk). TODO: research good practices
    • tags/ - will consist of particular revisions (e.g. milestones), so you can at any time recreate a certain build or environment.
    • /manage This folder will keep managment information.
      • /shed This folder will contain shedule plans, for iterations and global. Here should be stored different outputs, calendars and auxilary files.
      • /reports Report folder contains daily reports of the team members. Each team member should add daily report here. Report structure is here manage/reports/0README.txt


Done according to what is described in Design section. The SVN repository is now stored at svn:// locally or svn:// remotely.



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