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User should be able to manipulate main character and paragraph format settings from the halo menu, that appears automatically when the focus is set to a text content.
The following settings should be adjustable via this menu:

  • Text weight: normal or bold
  • Text style: normal or italic
  • Text decoration: normal or underline
  • Paragraph alignment: left, right, center or justified

Also there should be buttons that evoke character settings hud and paragraph settings hud.
Additionally when a text is selected there should be button that evokes links hud. Same button should be available when text link is selected or when focus is set on the text link.

Task requirements

  • Create a prototype that allows automatically appearance of the halo menu.
  • Provide easy way for development of related tasks.

Task result

  • The result should be code.

Implementation idea

  • Instead of starting everything from the beginning see whats already implemented (org.sophie2.main.view.halos.menus.text.TextHaloMenu) and step on it for providing additional functionality.
  • Since this is R0 please don't remove existing functionality for now, just extend or refactor it if there is a need.
  • Here is a scheme how the menu could look like



How to demo

  • Run the application
  • Create a new book and place text frame inside
  • Populate some lorem ipsum text inside with a number of paragraphs(lorem ipsum generator -->
  • See if text halo menu appears when focus is set to the text. Also check if disappears whenever the focus is changed.
  • Test if the buttons in the menu work properly.


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