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The concept of different types of frames is changed. Now we don't have text frame, movie frame, audio frame and so on. We just have a frame with a content. This frame content can be text, movie, audio and so on which means that the frame content contains a resource and tells how this resource is going to be visualized. Frame has one-to-one association with its content. But the frame content has many-to-many association with a resource in the book.

  • Frame Content Concept
    • Each frame has style and content.
    • Each frame has at most one content at a time.
    • The content of a frame is replaceable. For example if a frame has movie content then the same frame can change its content with image content.
    • Different kinds of content:
      • Text content
      • Audio content
      • Movie content
      • Image content
      • Browser content
      • Flash content
      • Pdf content
      • Comment content
    • Frame content can be non-defined or unsupported. The content is unsupported if it is created with non-present plug-in for example.

Task requirements

  • Create the basic hierarchy of the frame content.
  • The basic hierarchy should be in
  • Functionality and properties of frame content that the hierarchy should provide:
    • Frame content could be non-defined and unsupported.
      • (Optional)Unsupported
        • (Optional)If the frame content is created with non-present plug-in for example then it is unsupported.
    • Provide that Frame content should be:
      • replaceable
        • The user should be able to insert a frame without content and add it afterward or can change the content when he decides.
      • various kinds(text, audio, video, image, other)
  • Make basic implementation of the frame content hierarchy (unit tests included).

Task Result

  • The result should be source code.

Implementation idea

  • Basic hierarchy could be implemented with composition of the frame content in the frame.
  • Write source code.


How to demo

  • Show source code and run application.
  • Show unit tests and run them.
  • Answer if there are any questions.


  • Basic hierarchy
    • Base Frame content class
      • (Optional if there is time)Derived classes for all the concrete contents. In this iteration at least for TextFrameContent and HtmlFrameContent.
      • Frame Content could have no more than one main resource and many secondary resources.
    • Class Frame composed with Frame Content.
      • The content should be value property of the Frame with default value - null. This is supposed to be non-defined frame content at least for now.



  • It is barely impossible to link the changes but the classes that should be reviewed are:



Analyzing: Pav(done: 10m)
Review: 1.5 by Pap. I don't think that we should spend half of the effort for the whole task in just a wiki page with diagrams. The overview should be more informative. Requirements should be shhorter and better structured.
Analysis2: Tanya - done - 4h
Review: 3.5 by Pap.
Design: Tanya -done - 15m - The design was reused from the previous iteration.
Review: 2 by Pap. No tests are provided. I find it a bit vague.