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Priority: major Milestone: M05_PRE5
Component: DOMAIN_ELEMENTS Version: 2.0
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What is written is right but there are some things to note.

  • First the Implementation idea is something that proves that the analysis is implementable at all. You cannot write to see the design, because this means to look into the future. You should fix this!
  • Non functioning buttons like the Open extras you mention are bad and confusing. I'd rather drop this.
  • If you plan to do audio annotations you should make sure they are usable.

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I'm passing it only because it is already implemented in the trunk and I don't want to make you write stuff about this task, when you are implementing new stuff. But please fix that:

  • You need more detailed tests, view tests, and model tests, you are testing only one method of all the logic
  • Please provide UML diagram.
  • You must describe how the audio annotation will be visible to the user... You said in the analysis that you will display it.

3p (40m)

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I'll pass it, the implementation is according the design provided, but some of the changesets you provided are unnecessary, they are from other tasks:

  • [1980] : This changeset contains code from jani's GROUP_TEMPLATES_R0 task.
  • [1879] : Contains code for BaseProList optimization.
  • [1896] : A bugfix related to the ScenePageWorkArea.
  • [1948] : UNTRACKED_BUG_FIX in ListPalette, selected item.

I removed this changests from your list. Other thing, It's hard for me to read some parts of your code, I think that you must read our analysis, design and implementation reviews carefully and fix the appropriate documentations.
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