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copy-paste-files-from – Should be able to paste files from Sophie

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Should be able to paste files into OS. The behavior should be like it is for the drag and drop to the OS. See #2300

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  • Copy-paste frames behaves differently from export-import - copy encapsulated the frame so that it contains its main resource and export doesn't. Therefore pasting a file in the file system (after copying something from the work area) will be slightly different from dragging a resource out of the resources palette:
    • The file pasted from the file system will contain the main resource of the frame and when it is imported, it will import both the frame and its main resource.
  • In CommonResourceDataProvider.exportFiles(ResourceTransferable) explicitly check whether the resource is a CompositeDndElement and if so, export to files all its children. In this way if we have copied several frames, when pasting them in the file system, they will be exported to separate files.
  • In ResourceImportUtil.importResource(ResourceImportProvider, ResourceH, File) we should take into account that the file may contain encapsulated resources (frames, groups, etc). After importing the resource, we should decapsulate it.

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It's cool...

  • But what does this check if (valueRefModel != null) in the CopyUtil do?
  • Changing significant actions to insignificant... You must be sure all the import use cases work...


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  • In CopyUtil.decapsulate(...) the reference passed when decapsulating the children resources was wrong - it should be the child reference appended to the current one, not just the child reference.

  • Frames and groups that are imported could not be deleted, because there were no views for them. I added a simple AutoAction for such cases in ResourceDeleteLogic.deleteElement(DeleteResourceButton, ElementH, BookDocView).
  • In GroupHalosLogic.ON_GROUP_DELETED the arguments passed to ResourceRefR4.getRelativeRef(ResourceRefR4, ResourceRefR4) were swapped and this caused an exception when trying to delete a group.
  • In ResourceDeleteLogic.ON_DELETE_RESOURCE we should use AppViewUtil.getCurrentBookDocView(palette) instead of palette.findNearestElement(null, BookDocView.class) to get the current book doc view.
  • Please note, that this task is in the same branch as #2300 and depends on it. Maybe they should be reviewed together.

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  • The results from the testing were that this code only works for Windows platforms. Please, revise your code and make sure it also works for Mac OS and Linux.
  • Implementations based on this one should be done in the branches/private/kyli/dnd branch. It contains all the code so far, as well it is merged with the current trunk. The old branch causes too much conflicts.


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Closing all the tickets before M Y1

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