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There is a palette that makes preview of a resource. An extension point is needed because the palette should be able to display different kinds of resources - audio, video, image and so on.

Task requirements

  • Create an extension point for resource preview display.
  • The interface (for the extension point) should have a preview method that returns VisualElement.
  • The palette should be able to display this VisualElement.

Task result

  • The result of this task should be source code.

Implementation idea

  • Add an extension point to the base.model.resource module.
  • Create an interface (for the extension point) that has a method preview that returns VisualElement.

How to demo

  • Run Sophie 2.0
  • Select a video resource from one of the palettes with resources.
  • The resource should be previewed in the appropriate palette.
  • Select an image resource.
  • The resource should be previewed in the same palette.


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