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The SophieResourceManager, found in org.sophie2.base.model.resources is currently empty. This task is about adding functionality to this class.

This task will add the ability to create, delete resources from a sophie storage system. Generally, managers are discouraged so this task may not be about storing the resources, but rather accessing them.

In this first pass, you'll add extension points for creating various resources, for accessing resource editors and for registering both. You'll need to have a simple list class to hold the resources.

Task requirements

  • Add to SophieResourceManager:
    • An extension point for registering a resource storage system
    • Apis for registering a resource
    • Apis for finding a resource via it's resource ID
  • An extension point for registering resource editors/previewers
    • Add apis for finding a resource previewer for a given resource
  • Provide links to svn for the code
  • Document the apis for the resource manager

Task result

The result of this task is code

Implementation idea

  • For the first pass, get resources registering and accessing via memory only
  • For the first pass, just supply simple previewers (display the resource in a simple window)

How to demo

  • Show the api documentation for this task
  • Open resources and show their previewers



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



  • wbs: "provides extension points for defining resources (and resource editors, resource previewers"